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Welcome To The Bitchery

Ugh, my house

I don't want to believe that there is a ghost.

But there's a weird thumping noise coming from the basement, and both dogs are sitting next to me. So either 1) a murdering evil psychopath broke into the house while I was showering and is playing a bongo slowly and menacingly in my basement or 2) there is a ghost. I'm not going downstairs to look. This is not the first time there have been weird noises.


I'm not sure whether I believe in ghosts (I lean not), but dang, sometimes my house seems like it wants to convince me otherwise. Whenever my husband or I are in the basement, we get the sense that there's a middle-aged man standing in the one corner, just watching. I didn't say anything about it til we lived here a year, and was horrified that my husband also had the same creepy feeling about the basement. He is not a person who rattles easily, but he refuses to go down there if I'm not in the house. Neither dog will step one foot down the basement steps, and I feel like that's a bad sign. It's not especially dark or damp or smelly. It's reasonably well lit. We do laundry there and it's where our chest freezer lives. But it makes me uncomfortable to go down there alone.

Share with me your stories of living in a creepy house. Or even a house that's not creepy but which makes you think ghosts could be real.

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