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Ugh My Parka Doesn't Really Fit Anymore

Of course it's going to feel like -20C/-4F when I leave work today and my wool parka barely lets me breathe.

I hate the idea of joining a gym right after New Years. Just so clichéd and I know everyone at the gym will think I'm a resolutioner. But no. I will not buy myself a new coat. My clothes hardly fit this morning and I can only credit cruise food for so much of the problem. I'd much rather spend my money on losing the extra weight/getting my shit together than on buying more stuff. I miss running and I think there is a bunch of other fitness things out there I might like such as Zumba and spin classes. My posture is slowly fading away into oblivion and I'm scared of being one of those really hunched over old people so I would like to work on strengthening my shoulders, back and core muscles.

The above won't do anything about the terrible weather we've been getting and will continue to get here in Toronto and other northerly-type places, but at least I won't have to keep my coat open because struggling to close it in public is worse than being cold.


I went to check out the day's temperature and this picture appeared. It is titled The Snow Cat.

I'm hoping to recap my cruise adventures when I have the time. Stay tooned! (My computer corrected 'tooned' to 'toned', as if I needed that. Fuck you, MS Word).

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