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I should go to the gym. Pros/Cons list ahead.

Pro: exercise is good for stress management

Con: so is wine

Pro: I need to keep on track with the weight loss

Con: Not really hungry tonight anyways (although no reason to assume I won't be hungry before bedtime)


Pro: Routines are important

Con: it's cold outside and I am lazy

Pro: I need to shower tonight anyways

Con: I don't need to go the gym to take a shower

Pro: I'm not going to go to bed for several hours, so it would help pass the time

Con: I can find other shit to do to pass the time

ETA: just watched that video on the Muse with the fucking amazing male ballet dancer and that Hozier song I could care less about about and am now very motivated by the sexy, tight, sculpted man buns to go workout.


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