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Ugh. People.: A PSA

Tonight I educated someone who didn't recognize Vivian Leigh in a gif from Gone with the Wind and advised them to see it soon. Their excuse was that they were born in the 80s and couldn't know about it, and had no intention of ever watching it. That is such crap. I tried not to respond, but I gave in. This was me:

(best "internally screaming" gif ever? perhaps) but I couldn't post that b/c it's condescending. So I hope I opted for a gif that is less so (and more relatable—Blair Waldorf FTW).


I am a child of the 80s. That is no excuse for anything so get up off your ass and start filling in the holes of your cultural knowledge. Otherwise, people will hate your intentional ignorance, and you can't complain when we condescend.

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