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Ugh. Racism.

Here is Cracked's "The 5 Most Absurdly Offensive Wedding Themes Ever Planned."

Stray thoughts:

  • So "Nazi chic" is a thing in China right now? I know their uniforms were snappy because of Hugo Boss and all, but....
  • If Nazis are fashionable again, it seems that we could just take the uniforms without the fucking swastikas and maybe just start there. The fact that it is accurate to the Nazi era can ONLY be anti-semitism.
  • Paula Deen should start catering weddings in South Africa. Would they like her food? I don't know anything about South African cuisine.
  • Does the rest of the world know what American white people did to our Natives? Do they know or care that you're supposed to be respectful of their culture?
  • I wonder if any of these people have that Pesky Bleeding Heart Liberal Friend who heard about their wedding themes and objected? Or are they so insulated with people like them that it's impossible to see racial implications?
  • As for the Christian couple throwing a Jewish wedding - I am having a lot of swirling going on in my brain about it. They don't like Christian weddings because they are boring - why not just throw a secular one? I can see how this couple maybe wouldn't have noticed this was offensive until it all came together.
  • That Christians in the Jewish wedding makes me want to throw a mock Christian wedding.

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