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Welcome To The Bitchery

Ugh so gross at Goodwill

Well we went back to Goodwill today. I saw this dealer we have known for a few years. My mother saw her after I did by a very long minute.


I said hi to her and she waved me over. She wanted me to hold an edge of a bedspread she wanted to spread out.

Ugh. Lots of pee stains. Then I saw it a brown stain. I wanted to let go so badly. My mother then came over and she helped spread it out.


My mother: what a nice bedspread

Me thinking: nice? Pee stains, poop stains

Dealer: I know and good designs

Me thinking: what pee stains? Please let me go.

My mother pointing to the brown poop stain: you can just use water with a spoonful of bleach


Me thinking: you mean incinerator

Dealer: I was thinking lemon based cleaner

My mother: oh its a duvat not a bedspread and its eight dollars

Me thinking: eight dollars for something pee and poop stained. Let me go I do not want to touch this


Dealer: I am buying it.

Pee stains fine throw it into the wash with nothing else. Poop stain. Nope. Nope. A bridge too far. Thank god she bought it. I suspect I know who would have bought it. Ugh.

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