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Ugh. Some People Suck. And Others Are Awesome.

So I work in a big physics department, such that NO ONE ever emails the entire department, except the Chair. The few times some silly youngling sent a "need roommate!" email to ~400 people, including emeriti faculty, they normally got served bad.

But today a guy I know sends us an email complaining about security, and boy, this dude was right. Apparently his laptop has been stolen in the past, and he installed a dashcam to his desk. Like a long time ago.

This friday night someone broke into his office (it is not so hard since some keys are very similar to each other) and stole his Ipad. But then my friend had a camera. He sent the video to the entire department. As a on-your-face statement that the department needs to rethink security. This time, spammer served the system.


Sadly, the thief didn't turn the lights on, and it is very hard to see who it is, but some forensics specialist might be able to. You can see the guy checking apps on the Ipad before picking it up though.

I can't help but have sharp back pain thinking about the money this guy lost. But then I remember that he could have lost years of research (a guy this resourceful backs up), and that idea on itself makes me wanna set things of fire. Like, people. If you make a living out of this pit of boredom with little to no hope that is academic research you'll get me. Fire.

The video shows a silhouette that clearly belongs to a young, thin man. Most possibly a grad student. Someone with a motherfucking college education.

People suck. And my friend gets the trophy of most resourceful badass of the year.

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