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So I have a small mouth. As a kid I had to get 8 teeth pulled so that all the remaining ones would fit properly. As an adult this means all dental procedures are horrific, for both psychological (you don’t easily get over having 8 teeth pulled) and physical (a small mouth means that my jaw doesn’t open wide enough and therefore everything involved in a dentist visit hurts more) reasons. And today I had a dentist visit.

I have a bunch of cavities between my teeth. I brush twice daily religiously, but apparently that hasn’t been enough to prevent them. The dentist did say that eating lots of bread and other carbs during the day (guilty!) without brushing immediately afterwards can really lead to cavities, especially in mouths where it’s hard to clean between the teeth easily (like mine!). So, he suggested using nitrous oxide again. I used it once a couple months ago when he was filling my first cavity, and while it took way longer to get over it than it normally does, it did help with my anxiety and pain, so I thought I’d try it again.

Guess who had a rare and violent reaction to nitrous? I actually vomited while they were working on me, and while I barely remember it, they had to work fast and hard to stop me from asphyxiating, and then were too cautious to want to finish the filling properly, so all I have is a ‘temporary’ filling as a placeholder and everything I went through was for nothing. And I have a major headache and it feels like they ripped off my jaw with a sledgehammer and glued it back into place.


I’ve had other rare/unheard of reactions to other drugs before, so I’m always nervous about taking anything, but laughing gas is supposed to be so safe. At this point I just want to go into the hospital and be put out altogether for dental procedures.

Now that I think about it, it’s strange that I have no food allergies. I have extremely sensitive skin that gets rashes if almost anything touches it, and I have a long list of drugs I can’t take, but somehow I can eat anything and everything. One good thing, at least.

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