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Today at the grocery I scurried over to the bakery department to see their boxed donuts which are 4 for $1.99..my mother told me to just get a snack to eat in their cafetaria not a meal. I was going to get two egg rolls for $1.98 usually $1.50 each plus they would have been warm. So at the bakery there were four boxes of donuts for $0.99 with four donuts, it was their markdown yesterdays baked food. Usually next day is fine

So on my way to pay in the cafeteria I got a 20 ounce bottle of Orange soda for $0.50. I paid. I had her put a sticker on my soda to show I paid when I left.


I walked to the seating area. Got a seat with the angle for the tv which had CNN on. Broke open the donut box and uncapped the soda bottle. Brooke Baldwin was on CNN talking about the suicide bomber in Turkey.

So my head turned back to the donuts. They were all jelly. I lifted one up out of the box. So far so good. Good texture. I bit down on the donut. Now the dough around the jelly donut should be soft and moist.

There lies the problem. Alas poor donut was dry. Still had the jelly but dough was dry. I ate. The jelly was lemon and quite good. Sadly that was it.

So I continued watching CNN. My mother came over to say she was done. She bought TWO boxes of these jelly donuts for $0.99 each.


“They are dry, very dry” I said.

“I heat them up before we eat them anyways. I will keep two out for breakfast and freeze the rest” she said.


So we now have 11 dry jelly donuts.

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