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Ugh-date: Ugh, this morning

UPDATE: Several emails are going around. Apparently after I was late, he called the saleswoman and vented to her. He’s very, very mad. So we’re making him a higher priority than the other sites/clients. I’m explaining to everyone how very very sorry I am that I was late to this meeting.

UPDATE2: I’ve now apologized 22 times, I believe. 5 times on the phone to the client, the rest internally in emails and direct messages to salespeople and partners. I’m being told how to do my job by several people.

Since I’m a contractor, technically, working full time, and they haven’t exactly stepped up to get me help doing what I do, I suggested they find someone else to manage this project. I know it’s just emotionally reacting, but I’m also considering telling them I’m cutting my hours since clearly I’m not cut out for the job because I was late. Or some other nuclear option. Because I’m so overwhelmed at the moment, and they haven’t found anyone to help. And they can’t/won’t apply internal resources to my backlog.



I was late for a meeting that was scheduled unusually early because he’s on the east coast. I slept through my alarm. He was mad. I apologized profusely. I’m never late.

The thing is, we’re providing a service for him, and need him to do a kickoff call to talk to him about building his website. He keeps saying how busy he is and how he doesn’t have time to talk to us. It’s frustrating.

Still, I was late. It was my fault. I think accepted my apology. I hope so, anyway.

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