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I had gotten shampoo and conditioner for color treated hair and it turned out to be total shit.

It's Paul Mitchell stuff, too. I got it from Rite Aid (yes my Rite Aid sells professional hair products). I might as well have conditioned my hair with water with how little this shit did. I've had bleached hair before, I know it ain't the bleach alone making it THIS dry. Especially since my previously bleached white hair wasn't this dry and my stylist used the lowest volume bleach possible and left it on for like 10 minutes. Also considering my hair wasn't dry at all until I washed it (shall we also discuss the insane amount of dye that came out when I washed it, too? Ew).

I put like every oil I own in my hair to try and moisturize it and nope. Nothing. I am not amused. That crap was like $14/bottle, too. So lame. I might just go to my salon and buy the shampoo and conditioner she used on me.


I'm so put off. My hair's all tangled and shit, too. Fucking ARGH.

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