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Ugh, Trump still exists! (open thread if you wanna)

I went to France over last week and it was awesome! There was a lot of anti-Trump graffiti which both heartened and saddened me. I like the feeling of global solidarity but hate that our system and our stupid racists have put so many people in such imminent danger, all over the world. (Not to say our foreign policy has been peaceful though)

I come back, and wake up yesterday to Dump blathering on about having won the popular vote, and a bunch of illegal votes being cast. Not that I’m going to say anything that hasn’t been said on this but here are some observations that tickle/horrify me:

  1. That man’s ego is so fragile; the fact he didn’t win the popular vote is EATING at him and will never, ever stop. I hope that he continues to feel illegitimate and unsupported. I know he’ll lash out, he’ll never show it, but I will live in fantasies that he is scared, insecure, and miserable as president.
  2. I understand the criticism coming from the right about how we were all pissy that Trump wouldn’t accept results and then we are “not accepting” them (we are). However, there is a big difference between “the election is definitely rigged if I lose” and “there is some suspicious shit, we are going to investigate but do not anticipate it changing the outcome.”
  3. With his Tweets, Trump actually said that the election was illegitimate! He basically negated his own legitimacy.

I imagine we are all sick of politics, but I am refusing to let my fatigue numb me to things.

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