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Ugh, ugh five times ugh...

So I just got a job offer, two job offers actually, and I don't know what to do. Job numba 1 is working back in my preferred field, but they want to pay me a pittance and haven't figured out my schedule yet. I'm trying to make the best possible plan for my kiddo, and they're making it damned near impossible. This is a job that I would love and can do exceedingly well, but I'm probably going to have to walk away from it. I've felt nauseous all day thinking about it. The job comes with fantastic benefits, but I'll probably never be able to fully use them. I'll never be able to afford a vacation or a shanty of house.

Job 2 is something that I'll probably hate doing but pays well. The hours are probably going to kill me, but I'll probably have a set schedule. I may turn into Leonardo DiCaprio in that 1950's movie about losing yourself in suburbia. I'll be working from home so the only people I'll see are PTA moms and elderly men. IE: the same people I see everyday now, and it makes me so sad. I stick out like an extra sore thumb here.


Ugh, ugh...sigh.

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