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Ugh: visiting parents

I love my parents. I am always so excited to see them in Florida, where they live in semi-retirement by the beach. They have a pool! Their house is cute and neat! They are such a sweet couple!

Since they moved to Florida from the northeast, though, something...happened to them. They were always a little conservative, but it wasn't so bad. Now, they are seriously deranged. Today my mother started talking about Syria, and how she doesn't want to go to war. OK, I understand, neither do I. I don't know what should be done about Syria, but I don't think sending in troops, or possibly even missiles for a short strike, is a really great solution.


She starts going off on this video she saw on Facebook where Syrian rebels tortured captives and ate their hearts on camera, or something. I don't know if this really happened, but it sounds horrific. I don't doubt that some people do terrible things. "Huh! These are the people we're supposed to be helping!"she says, as if all Syrian rebels are a monolithic group. Later, I see she's posted the clip she saw on Facebook. Who was "reporting" the story? Glenn motherfucking Beck. Seriously? Seriously? Glenn Beck? What the fuck.

Then she starts talking about this vote, and how all the dems voted to go to war to support the president. I was surprised, because, well, how could Congress have voted on this already? But they didn't, it was some kind of guess of how they would vote.


Then my dad starts going on about how they're using international law and the international community as a way to backpedal. Apparently Obama's people made a statement that they were acting in accordance with international law by moving to stop Syria from using chemical weapons. I do know a little about international law, and from my understanding, that is true. My dad is saying "He's just using it as a cover! I don't see the rest of the world stepping up!" Yeah, they don't want to get involved in this crap either. Don't use the fact that other countries wiggle out of international obligations as a reason we should, too.

Then he starts going on about how we didn't get into WWII to help the Jews, we didn't even know about it! I had been trying to quietly play Candy Crush Saga through all this, but I just had to speak up because that is 100% false. We always knew what the Germans were doing, the government just didn't want to talk about it. They didn't want that to be a reason to go to war. He said they didn't even have concentration camps until 1942, which is just straight up wrong. If you're going to argue about something, know the shit you are talking about.


Then my mother said "Ugh, I can't believe he's even our president. I'm so sick of him." I got a cookie and left.

I feel really torn about this situation because I don't like violence, at all, but I do think there should be some way to protect people from chemical weapons. Chemical weapons are internationally disallowed, and I think that as the US, a powerful and wealthy country, we do tend to take the lead in this kind of thing, internationally. Whether this is good or not is up for debate, certainly, but we have this bigass military and other countries look to us to use it. It's also worth noting that my parents' position on going to war is not exactly consistent: they had no problem with going to Iraq or Afghanistan. If they don't want use our military for this, I understand. It's a complicated situation. However, don't fucking condemn the people of Syria to struggle on without our help because you don't like Obamacare.

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