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Welcome To The Bitchery
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Ugh...what a day, but my neighbors and parents are great!

I leave tomorrow to drive 3 hours to the airport and go to San Diego. So of course, my car decides today would be ideal time to get a flat tire...about 15 minutes after all the tire places within 30 miles of me close. But, my super awesome parents that live about an hour away came down and are loaning one of their cars to me for the week, or until I can new tires on mine (I need them, I was lucky it took this long for one to go flat) since I can’t really drive 200 miles on a spare.

When it first happened, I tried changing my tire by myself but the lug nuts were just too tight, and the car parked next to mine didn’t leave me much room. So, I just left the spare by the car (I live in a tiny town, no worries doing that) until my parents go here. While I was waiting, one of my neighbors came and knocked on my door and asked if I wanted any help changing it. I gladly took him up on that. While he was doing that, one of my other neighbors came out and said he had moved his car so I had better access, and he was going to change it for me, but decided he had better ask first. I would have appreciated it if he had changed it for me, but I thought it was really great he had decided to wait and ask first.


So, today was kind of stressful. But, thanks to great parents and great neighbors, it was a lot less awful than it could have been. And I’m just glad it went today instead of 6 o’clock tomorrow morning.

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