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A rant: year eight

The girl is going to drive me insane.

People talk about how the teen years are so hard, but the age I have the most problems with is year eight. When the boy went through it, he became aggressive, puffing his chest and calling bluffs and making sure to be a pain in the ass as a way to make sure he had the most control over any given situation.


It even bugs me when kids I’m not rearing go through it, because it’s a transitional age. They’re no longer small and cute, but they don’t have the personality yet that makes them interesting as older kids. They expect more freedom but don’t have the sense to keep themselves safe. They also fear getting older, so they cling more, but want to be older, so they push while they cling WHICH IS FUCKING GREAT, YOU KNOW?

Anyway, rather than get aggressive like her brother, she’s earning her title as ‘the Queen of Bad Ideas.’ Even if she knows she shouldn’t fuck around with something, if it intrigues her, she takes it up to her room and messes with it, almost always breaking it or using it up and making a huge mess while she’s at it. Every few days, I’m losing something new (BECAUSE IT IS ALWAYS MY STUFF) and we go through the dance of ‘But why? I don’t know...’ again.


And she has cool stuff! She has things she could be experimenting with and putting together and drawing with and painting with BUT INSTEAD SHE RUINS MY SHIT. And only my stuff! She’s not once touched anyone else’s! ASDKDLJAS!

This is a rant, so I don’t really need advice. I know they get older, and that it’ll pass, but I still wish I could be put in a medically induced coma until she’s nine.

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