Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

second date with Tardis boy finally happened this evening.

You guise, it was BAD. Like, bad. Or maybe I'm just a bitch? I don't know : /

He asked me out, and then told me to pick what we do. I worked all day, so couldn't obviously come up with a plan. When he picked me up from work, he told me we could just sit in his car in the parking lot and talk. Uhm..no. I've been here all day, please don't make me stay here longer (I work in a mall). So, I suggested going to see some friends derby match tonight, which he was all for. 10 minutes away from the rink, he decides no, we should go to a tattoo shop, I should be with him when he gets his first one. Of which he has no plan, wanted to pick a random bit of flash from a book. Thank Cheesus no one in our area does walk-ins. So we drive around aimlessly for a half an hour not really talking, until we of course end up at my ex's current bartending gig. Which TB decides is the perfect place to sit and talk more. I haven't eaten at this point, and when I asked him if he wanted food, he said no he ate before picking me up, but I should eat while he 'gazes at me'. Cue hives. So, I ordered some random appetizer and the poor server just looks so sad that we aren't ordering food. So, more silence. An HOUR of forced conversation and odd interjections later, I finally plead exhaustion, from working all day. So, he took me home and has already Facebook messaged me, as he doesn't have a cell phone to tell me I looked beautiful this evening and I should forward him my schedule so we can hang out again. His reasoning behind no cellphones is that he doesn't want to pay a faceless corporation to talk to his loved ones, that it's a service that should be free.


There's no WAY I can do this again. None. But he likes likes me, and I feel bad. On paper we are a match, for sure. In person? I'd rather eat glass. How does this happen?? And how do I not see him again without being a jerk?

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