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Ughhhhhh. (TW: Body issues)

On my way to work this morning I was listening to the radio. The DJs started talking about some tech trade show in Las Vegas where a company is selling a $100 fork. For fat people. To help them not be fat.

You can imagine where this is headed.

The male DJ started by assuring the female DJ that "she needed the opposite of that." She agreed, saying she tried to eat pork fried rice yesterday and was full after 3 bites. Then she just started making cracks at the lazy, lazy people who would need a fork to tell them when to stop eating. She SAID she wasn't making fun of fat people, oh no, just the FORK itself. She wouldn't be that mean. And yet, when the male DJ said the fork records calorie intake, nutritional data and the amount of time spent eating so you can download it into a food journal, she said, "yeah, that's gonna help the people who need that fork! They're really committed to weight loss if they need a fork to help them keep a food journal!" Sarcasm. Because, you know, FAT PEOPLE ARE LAZY and if they use technology to help them keep a food journal, which is a super time-consuming commitment, there's more proof that they're lazy!


You know, before I became a part of this community I might not have noticed something like that, at least not its full implications. Maybe someday radio announcers will realize that fat people do not exist to be the butt of all jokes. Until then, we still have a lot of work to do.

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