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Honestly thank you all for listening to my venting. I AM SO FED UP.

So, creepy stalker guy told a mutual friend the reason he doesn’t stop trying to bother me is cause I apparently took $500 from him in a loan.

I loaned him money at one point before he was a psycho & we were still friends. This money he’s talking about is repayment of said loan. (Shocking right here anyhow.)


like, does he expect to somehow extort me for $500??

So, said mutual friend also told me stalker guy told him he attacked me once when I was drunk.

I am not aware of any attack. I am definitely going to be taking said mutual friend to the police to get him to tell him what he said. That is terrifying in so many ways. The only time I have ever blacked out while drinking was when I was a younger person and it was with family.

I am actually starting to be fearful and it sucks. The power went out at my house the other day, it flickered off and on. I was alone with the dogs and I about lost my mind. I texted my roommate to come home just because I was freaking out.


Mutual friend now is asking me for help to unfriend this person. He started to realize that this ‘bro’ is psycho since he told him this “attack”. He apologized to me for not following suit once I ended that nonsense.

My boyfriend isn’t trusting this mutual friend, even though they’ve known one another for 15 years just cause it seems to come out of no where that he doesn’t want to be friends with psycho anymore. It’s so uncharacteristic for him. Mutual friend did use to pick psycho over my boyfriend when they used to regularly hang out...so it’s just an odd thing.


A lot of people in my world here are questioning why my boyfriend just doesn’t go “scare” the guy. My boyfriend is not the type to start a fight, if they cross paths accidentally and something starts he will end it. Self-defense is his thing, but not offense. It’s ridiculous. He wants the police to do their job as well. He doesn’t want to react and have anything hiccup for me.

I am so tired. I can’t wait to leave the state for a few days.

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