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UGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH: A sexual frustration post

Yesterday this cute, floppy haired, Australian tourist was getting real chatty with me at work. Normally I don't like flirty customers, but he asked me things about politics and geography and my work versus the standard "hey you're cute what's your ethnicity can I have your number." Alas, he turned out to be mightily drunk so I helped him take the right train home and we headed our separate ways—-but all the flirting ignited my libido again. This was not helped by these posts. Thanks a lot, Fluffybutt and Ninjacate BattyMamzelle.


So now what is a girl to do???? I'm still le derpessed and le heartbroken so there is little to be gained by dating, and I've never been good at or satisfied by hookups. Everyone weep for poor Korra, she with no-nooky! Fairy Dongfather, where are you?!


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