Edited: Thanks to Woodle for pointing out the article is from last year. I completely missed it! I need to be more vigilant with my reading.

I can’t come up with a coherent, articulate reason at this point, but I am absolutely in tears over this picture. I am well aware we were never the image we tried to present to the world - land of the free, equal opportunity if you work hard, etc., etc., etc. - but that countries that have their own issues feel the need to march for OUR rights... Christ on a cracker.

I’m fine with our flaws being laid bare to the world; we have many. I am thankful for the solidarity. I believe in the American ideal and desperately want to see it become a reality.


It just frustrates the hell out of me that with all the money, resources, and power our country has we can’t get our shit straight and treat people right. Our government sucks. The people who voted in this government suck. The super wealthy who keep this corrupt system in power suck. The every-day people who ignore and support the systemic inequality of our systems suck.

I can only do what I can do, but damn sometimes (most of the time) it doesn’t feel like enough.