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Uh, fathers....

I got into a fight with my dad yesterday. Well, not really a fight, because my dad is the king of passive-agressive; his words say he's fine, but his tone says he's pissed. I even had to ask what the problem was in the vain hope he would blow and we could finally have a screaming fight, but he didn't get into it. I was at a party, and all I felt like doing was calling him back to yell all sorts of insults at him, which I realize is not very productive. I thought sleeping on it would help, but I'm still screaming mad at him this morning.

It was a fight about money. My dad is fucked up about money. He has loads of it, but still makes me pay for coffee when we go out together. I get that he wants me to be a responsible adult (which I am, BTW. I have a home, a successful home-business, friends and pay all my bills all by myself), but still. I had a problem with a client who didn't want to pay his 5K outstanding bills, and my dad lent me 1K so I could eat and pay rent while the situation got sorted out by my lawyer. He knew that it would take a while for me to pay it back. Yesterday, he called me wanting his money for August 9th because "he needs this money to go on vacation". Which is crap, I know he doesn't need it, it's just to put some pressure on me. I always had the intention of paying him back, but I thought he would give me some time, since I'm going on a one-week vacation in August, and I'm still waiting on bills to be paid by my clients.


Just typing this makes me irrationally mad. Please help me deal with the anger.

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