Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

I called some dudes on roygbiv homophobic last night because they were seriously having a conversation about whether lesbian dating apps discriminated legally against the predatory asshole men who desire to use them. What surprises are in store for me? Will I be able to read the comments on this post without finding out?

I'm nervous to look. :/

ETA: It is now 94 and climbing.

ETA 2: OKAY, it's mainly stars. A few morons, one of which was like: how would you like it if men did the same thing? To which I replied (obviously) if gay men want to try and keep women off their dating apps or whatever, I will fight for that too. However, it seems men are the only ones trying to hit on people that don't want it. I don't see women lining up to harass dudes on Grindr. Thanks to all who scouted for me. :)

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