Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

The good thing about Cousin Mooch spending almost the entirety of every day holed up in his bedroom is that, with luck, I can sometimes go two-to-three days without encountering him at all. This would absolutely be the bee's knees if not for the fact that there's still the smell of cigarettes wafting throughout the floor. It also, sadly, means I can't regale you with tales of horror and frustration nearly as often as BumbleLoki did. But I do have a little something today.

Illustration for article titled UHG 2: The Chronicles of Mooch (Entry 2)

This is a blurry, poorly lit photo (thanks, old iPhone). It's also sideways (thanks, Kinja). It's also a pot containing water and what, based on smell, I can only assume are used coffee grounds (thanks, Mooch). After asking around I've managed to establish that it's been sitting on the stove for about 24 hours now (the crusty residue on the walls of the pot support this as well). I have so many questions about this. What is the point of a pot full of water and coffee grounds? Especially when we have a kettle, which is what he normally uses when making coffee. If the rest of us don't touch the pot how long will he let it sit? (Probably until the end of days. That won't work, I need to make rice soon). Does he even know how to clean a pot? Should I secretly pour it in his shoes or blatantly over his head? And most importantly, was "guest makes mess in kitchen" on any of the Bingo cards?

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