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Unwanted House Guest Bingo

Since we have reached the last category for the pool, I suspect Oh Honey No followers are already wondering how they will fill our empty (and possibly deeply disturbed) lives once UHG goes back to her absolutely fabulous life as The Worst Person Ever, 2014.


Inspired by the arrival of GhengisKim's unwelcome house guest (also under the Oh Honey No tag) and Bumblebeaver's suggestion, I found a generator for bingo cards and made a sample bingo card based on the original pool categories and things in ghengiskim's ordeal. I am not some fancy pants graphic designer, so just hush up if you don't like the layout/font/size.

Most of the categories are self-explanatory, but FYI:

Bad arrival: refusing to be concrete about details of arrival (something that seems ubiquitous with UHGs)


embarrassment: Does something to embarrass you or people you live with.

bad food: refuses host's food arrangements in favor of something that the host finds terrible. (Good local Mexican—no es bueno. Yo quiero Taco Bell!)


gets kicked out: does something that warrants getting kicked out even if the host has BumbleBeaver-like patience beyond human endurance

I'm happy to take suggestions from the comments: Maybe "willfull ignorance" should be a thing.


Obviously, it's too late to play this with UHG, but the holidays are coming and soon someone out there will have an entirely terrible / hilarifying person staying in their home. Let us enjoy your suffering offer online support!

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