Something rather unsettling occurred at my job this morning (during my coworker's shift) and I'm a tad off put. Just a tad.

Apparently some young-ish looking dude (early-mid 20s?) came in to the gym at around 10 am. No one has ever seen him before, not here or anywhere else. My coworker said how he just looked hella unhinged and had this crazy look in his eyes, and wouldn't say a word to anyone and was walking around the gym/lobby/entire fucking building looking around furiously, like he was looking for someone. And he had one hand in his pocket the whole time. For those not from the city (not sure if this is a universal thing) that is code for "I have a weapon of some kind in this pocket that I'm holding so I'm ready to use it." And my coworker tried to get his attention for a minute to be like "uh hey man can I help you?" but he just ignored him. Then after walking around the building for a bit and not finding what or whoever he was looking for, he just...left.

Well then. Yup. That happened.

If some motherfucker rolls into this god forsaken gym and shoots me, I'm going to be really, really pissed.