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Uhm, Guise. I Kind of...Caught a Kitten - ETA CUTEZ OMG

I didn't think this plan through.

I had put the cat carrier outside on the porch during the snowstorm and put newspapers and a towel in, and this little one deemed it her home. We named her Mouth, btw, cuz she meows like crazy. She's also like 3 months old.


So tonight, it's currently 12 degrees with a windchill of -5, and the winds are absolutely insane. Mouth has been posted up the porch, trying to come in the house, for like an hour. Sitting on the window, meowing sadly, and shivering. So I'm like ok, cat capture time.

With the swiftness of a, uh, cat I guess, I managed to catch her in the carrier and bring her inside the house. She's still in the carrier, by the door.

Uhm. Now what?

She's still meowing sadly, and I feel bad but guys, seriously, it's freezing out there and she's only a baby (and her momma is nowhere to be found). I don't want to put her back outside! It's too cold. I can't in good faith put a kitten outside in this weather.


Siren, however, is insanely calm and trying to play with her through the cage.

I don't know what to do. Should I have not caught her? She seems sad but...but...so cold! She was shivering and wimpering outside!


I didn't think this through at all.

ETA - Oh my god, you guise. She was meowing all sad and I went and sat by the carrier and started soothing her, and she tucked her paws under her and started purring! And then she closed her eyes and started falling asleep! She likes me!!!


I think I have a new cat.

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