Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

So I'm looking into some overseas work experience, and I've always dreamt of travelling/working to the UK.

I'm a graphic designer, so ideally, I'd like to work in that field. I have a valid degree and a decent portfolio, plus I speak 2 languages. How hard would it be to find some work in that field, given I have the proper visa?

Also, the living situation. I've found plenty of rooms available, but how honest are those? Do you have recommendations for sites where I'm less likely to be scammed?


Please share anything you might think is relevant to this! I'm Canadian, and I can still apply for a working holiday visa, although I'd prefer a skilled worker visa (I just turned 30). All information is welcome and will be rewarded with gifs and eternal gratitude.

(Obligatory Thank You/Cumberbatch gif)

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