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"UK Spy Found Dead in Locked Bag 'Not Murder'"

I'm scratching my head over this one, y'all.

From Al Jazeera:

A British spy whose naked, decomposing body was found padlocked in a bag in his bath probably died accidentally on his own, police in the UK have said, rejecting conspiracy theories that his death was the work of foreign agents.


Hmm. Well, what are the facts that support this "conspiracy"?

  • Tests showed there were no alcohol, drugs, or poisons in his system.
  • The bag was zippered and padlocked.
  • There was no trace of his DNA on the padlock.
  • There were no palm prints on the side of the bath.

K, cool. Now what are the facts that refute this "conspiracy"?

  • Police found no evidence anyone else was at the flat when he died.
  • It's "theoretically possible" to lock yourself in a bag.
  • He probably didn't mean to die.

So, back last year when the body was found, the coroner concluded that the spy was unlawfully killed by someone.

Now the police chief is saying that it's less likely that a killer completely wiped a crime scene clean of DNA evidence than it is to accidentally lock yourself in a bag and unintentionally die?

There's gotta be more to this, but we'll never know. Case has been declared closed.


ETA: Cf. Kemperboyd's comment thread for more info.

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