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UKIP blames low support in London on voters being "well-educated"

No, seriously.

When asked about the party's inability to make a breakthrough in London in yesterday's local elections, despite making significant inroads elsewhere in the country, Suzanne Evans, former UKIP Councillor and the party's community spokesperson said, and I quote:

"We do have a more media-savvy, well-educated population in London, and they are more likely to have read some of the negative press that's been about us and I think they've been more likely to believe it."


Psst, Suzanne: you know that's sort of implying that the people who did vote for you elsewhere are less intelligent, and just took your publicity at face value without engaging with it and questioning your party's rhetoric, right?

Or maybe it's just that those who didn't vote UKIP saw through your poorly-disguised xenophobia. Either/or.

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