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Ultimate 90s Music Flashback Question Celine VS Mariah

During the 90s I belonged to a Celine Dion email list where folks discussed her music. The first and last music email list I was a part of. The mods lost control and it slowly became an antiMariah group. Nothing racist but one running theme was Celine had a wider range and better songs. The second is not true. The first no idea. I suspect Mariah could hit the higher notes then. Now in 2016 no idea.

In the 90s I loved Celine’s music. I still do. Her singing makes me happy. I also loved her slight Quebecois accent. Her early music in French is also incredible to listen to. Not sure if she still records in French.


I just tried listening to both singers on youtube of their 90s music. In Hero Mariah’s range is incredible.

I always thought the fan rivalry was stupid. Two of the best talents of the 90s and fans feuded. Sigh. The singers I don’t recall did.


I bought mostly 80s music especially the Best of. 90s music a few Mariah singles and all Celine’s full cds. For 90s music I pretty much bought singles by other singers.

I have not bought a cd since year 2000 wow.


That’s The Way It Is by Celine

Who did you prefer then.

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