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Ultimate History Debate What Team Are You On?

Are you on Team Fletcher Christian or Team William Bligh?

I saw the Mutiny on The Bounty DVD with Clark Gable at a thrift shop. Fascinating case.

Movies tended to be Team Christian. Historians slightly towards Bligh. Some totalliy Bligh.


I am Team Bligh. As captains go at the time he was a fairly just captain. He was in fact progressive in terms of punishment and cleanliness. He strongly believed in cleanliness.

Fletcher Christian and his pals I always felt after spending five months in Tahiti just wanted to live there. Bligh felt responsible for doing his job.

I always felt if this was a true mutiny they would have locked up Bligh and his pals went back to a British port and said what they needed to do for the good of the mission. Instead they took the ship to Tahiti.

Also the fact Bligh went over a 1000 miles in a life boat with his small crew was an extraordinary feat and shows his seamanship skills.


I know some on Observationdeck like history so I am filing it there also.

Which Team are you on.

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