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Ultimate Musical Question That Will Be Debated For Eons At Least

Sister Act or Nunsense what’s better?

I just saw in another town on stage Sister Act. The performances were fantastic. Like Nunsense it was essentially about nuns. Both sadly overplayed the Sister Mary jokes. Sorry I went to Catholic schools from 1st through college from 70s until late 80s I knew lots of Sister Joans, Anns, even a Julie, lots of Helens but barely any Marys.

I have seen Nunsense a few times and always loved it. Its a silly musical that seems to have Vaudeville touches. Sister Act in some ways a cohesive story. In Nunsense the nuns were eccentric but they were fun here in Sister Act some bordered less on being fun nuns and more on mental illness. Nunsense stopped short of mental illness while Sister Act did at times.


Mother Superior in SA. Ok a typical nun very serious rather no nonsense but she seemed so disconnected with the other nuns. You knew she cared but she seemed emotionally detached and oblivious. In Nunsense the MS was in charge but you knew she was not detached and often fought not to join in too much.

As I write Nunsense is winning by further and further distances. I think it comes down to if the nuns from Nunsense lived next to me I would love the as neighbors the ones from SA. No. I would see SA performances but that’s it.

One thing that did disturb me about Sister Act was this lesson that convents are the place to hide from life. I am not talking about Delores but the nuns. I cannot imagine any of the nuns from the Catholic school I went to toleratng this. These nuns were actve, they taught, did admin, if they could not teach any more they worked in the library or substitued. Almost all were students themselves taking courses in college to be better teachers or admin. I knew a retired nun who took computer classes just to help students in the computer lab (college years). None I knew hid from life. Yes their life choices were different but that does not mean cutting themselves off from society.

Nunsense wins for me.

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