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Another controversial post I think my picks for Ultimate Best Picture.

I am positive you all saw all or most.

Ran by Akira Kurosawa this is a historical war movie with loads of intrigue plus based on Shakespeare King Lear.

Lawrence of Arabia. One of the most beautifully filmed movies ever. Plus I would argue the best male performance ever and that was Peter O’Toole. Who would have thought a scene of a man traveling on camel hrough a desert of nothing but sand and sun so desolate and deadly could be utterly so beautiful.

Gone With The Wind (no trailer I am positive all have seen it). I hate this movie but incredibly filmed and good story. Sadly this movie also had a huge cultural impact on how we see the Civil War and its gross misconceptions of benevolent slavery and put a soft touch to our nations greatest evil.


Star Wars as a young child not knowing the Force, Luke Skywaller, Darth Vader I went to see this film in 1977 and it was life changing. Not just how we make sf movies but a cultural change that for many had such a positive impact to their lives. Sure I remember the really bad historical events Nixon leaving White House. Challenger Explosion, 9/11 but also cemented in my memory was day I went to see this movie. A good nay wonderful life changing day.

Wizard of Oz. Movies as pure magic. Perfect mix of fantasy, story telling that adults and kids love. Plus the greatest movie song ever and had a huge social impact.

Winner. Star Wars for reasons stated. Runner up tied between Ran, Lawrence of Arabia and Wizard of Oz.

Gone With The Wind because of the pure negative impact on society does not deserve tie for second. I honor the filming, acting and purely as the work to create the movie. It is one of the best movies ever on a pure film making level. It does not mean it deserves honor for the impact to society. You need a balance of pure film making with societal impact and this film fails.

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