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Ultimate Videogame Mystery Solved Why No New Advance Wars

Those who discovered on the Gameboy Advance the game Advance Wars it was for many who grew up playing chess literally love at first and second sight. Then Advance Wars 2 came out on the gba. Finally on Nintendo DS we got Advance Wars Duel Strike and Advance Wars Days of Ruin. The first DS game sucked.

You could have a perfect offensive force marching towards your opponents capital then wham an obsenely overpowered special move would undo all your work in one turn.


Days of Ruin is my favorite until Nintendo shut down their wifi. You could create and share maps with armies, buildings, terrain. and store 50 of these maps. Great story too.

Now the last game was in 2008. If you go to gamefaqs one of the most wanted games is Advance Wars on the 3ds message board. Well why has there not been a new game.

The answer is:

Advance Wars its hard to create relationships in. SERIOUSLY. Its by the makers of Fire Emblem and Awakening and especially Fates trilogy is huge on relationships. Ugh.


I ignored entire relationship stuff in Awakenings. I play for the maps and shaping my characters. Shaping as in better fighters not who they will have children with.


I put in two links since kinja often eats links that are alone.

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