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Okay, I do fairly well keeping my brain tweaks and mental stuff in check, as I grew up knowing that I had them and have always anthropomorphized them. They are my skeevy friends that keep peer pressuring me into doing stupid things.

This has now officially gotten insane enough that I am starting to have trouble functioning. I have accepted an offer from an agent who would like me to write a proposal please, and some people would like to be certain that I am aware that people in Africa exist, and some other people would like me to fuck off and die, and some others who think that I am a terrible person because I wrote about depression in a depressing way. Pastors in England would like to have a discussion about compassionate ministry. Idiots are starting with the rape threats. They are mentioning my children. People are telling me their stories and asking for validation, which I can do but it's five thousand of them.

My front brain is aware that none of it is personal, none directed actually at me, all a function of the ability to knee-jerk and assume you know everything because you read an article on the Internet. Most of the response has been amazing. I am super-glad I have never snarked at an author now. But my back brain's hamster has lost its wheel and it's running around in frantic circles now. I know that this is natural fallout and that these are good problems to have. But I am just an aging campaign kid that can't get her shit together and works as a line cook. This is all very overwhelming.


Send funny gifs, please.

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