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Welcome To The Bitchery

Um, awkward/now I'm slightly scared

So I heard the doorbell ring at my house (I live with my parents) and a knock as well. My parents are getting ready to go out, so I got the door because I don't know...maybe it was a neighbor. Anyway, I opened the door, and this guy wearing a dress shirt and dress pants was like, "Um, are you the lady of the house?" (I'm assuming he means my mom.) He sounded nervous. I said no, and he asked when she'll be home. I (STUPIDLY!!) said, "They're out for the rest of the night." And that's that. It was awkward. He went around to other houses, so I'm sure he's a salesman (although he wasn't carrying anything with him) or some sort of door-to-door solicitor, but the conversation was so weird (why would he want to speak to the lady of the households?) and he just seemed really nervous.

But I wish I hadn't said "they're out for the rest of the night" because now I'm scared that someone will try to break into my house! But I'm sure it'll be okay. Damn, I literally have no common sense though. I need to stop answering doors.


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