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Um, Canadians, who are these people?

A columnist with the Globe and Mail, Margaret Wente, in talking about how sad the Jian Ghomeshi situation is all around, says this:

Sexual consent – what it is, how explicit it ought to be, what business it is for anyone else – fills the news these days. It is now an issue that (wrongly, in my view) every campus and every sports team feels it must adjudicate, in order to safeguard public morality

Apart from anything having to do with Ghomeshi, what the actual fuck? How about, "in order to safeguard bodily integrity? Or "On order to help people get an education without being tramautized?"


I guess not wanting to be raped is so. . . . Victorian. Who is this chick?

In a completely different vein, Owen Pallet, a musician who says he's friend with Ghomeshi says:

But let's be clear. Whether the court decides that predatory men are punished or exonerated does not silence the voices of the victims. It does not make victims liars.

Whether our culture continues to celebrate the works of predatory men is another issue. It does not silence the voices of the victims.

Things have gotten very interesting up there.

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