UPDATE: After a few calls back & forth; Pap & Mammogram are FINE. She wants to talk about some of the blood labs & medication. INTERESTING, not scary.

Do any of you have a doctor that prefers to talk about all test results, even non-problematic ones, in person? Yeah, I never have either.

I know my mammogram came back clear, but I also had a full blood panel done (the works) as well as a pap. And we all know waiting on pap results are kind of scary anyway since cervical cancer generally doesn't show symptoms until it's way advanced.

Now, remember I'd asked her about the Naltrexone, and she wanted to wait on my bloodwork, and maybe she said something like "we'll talk about it in your followup" or something to that effect?

Don't know. Kind of shaking-scared anyway, and will go in tomorrow morning. :\

TY everyone, you've helped tremendously. Also, no matter that she gave a pap I didn't even feel.. this may not be the doctor for me if this is par for the course. Ain't nobody got time for that. Also, wonder if this followup is considered part of my well-woman visit. I'm guessing not, and it's co-pay time. :\