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UM: Obama giving us a raise?

Just saw this on FB. So, ehhhh, this would make me eligible for overtime.

Currently, if you make more than $23,660 a year, your employer is under no obligation to pay you the standardized overtime rate of 1.5 times regular pay for working more than 40 hours a week. But now the Labor Department is contemplating more than doubling that threshold to $52,000, according to Politico’s report.



How big is this? Unlike raising the minimum wage, increasing the overtime pay threshold can be done unilaterally by the Obama administration. The Department of Labor needs no outside approval in order to update the rule.


The loophole of white-collar exemptions: The other critical feature of an update to the overtime pay rule would include narrowing of the exemptions for white-collar workers, who aren’t entitled to overtime. Currently, “white collar” is defined broadly enough to include someone classified as any kind of supervisor or manager, which can lead to some blatantly exploitative scenarios.



So....is this going to happen?

I’m hourly, white collar, and make too much (currently) to get overtime. OMG, those weekends and midnights I’m finishing work...OMG. Please please please.


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