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Um. Oops.

Sooooo... next week I have my first big MFA review (which means I'll present the work I've done thus far in front of the whole faculty). Though the review lasts an hour, my presentation is only supposed to be 15 minutes or so... the majority of the time will be dedicated to discussion. The rough presentation I just put together is... drumroll please... 75 slides long. To reiterate, I only have 15 minutes to present. Whoops. Looks like I've overshot this one, guise.

On a semi-related note... a few other students have half-jokingly suggested that I filibuster my review as a part of a project I'm doing (which deals with American politics). I think I may have inadvertently created the presentation to do just that... ACCIDENTAL GENIUS, OR WORST IDEA EVER? WHAT DO YOU THINK?

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