...when you're casually eating crackers and reviewing Facebook and you come across something super duper racist with no responses...

(background: I know the main poster - green - pretty well, to the best of my knowledge this isn't a "joke" he'd like; I don't know the offender at all)

Even if my friend were a person who'd joke like this about his race, I cannot believe someone would post that kind of shit - I mean, my friend's friends and family would presumably see it, as would a lot of other people. There are a lot of Asians that could easily see this and be pretty annoyed. What kind of guts that takes to put yourself out there as a huge asshole so easily.*

*Which I shouldn't find surprising. I think it just surprised me this asshole said it TO an Asian person and not just ABOUT one (which is of course terrible but involves a little more cowardice).