I had to submit a background check for my school as part of the matriculation process since we'll be working with patients. It's through a particular website. I had to pay $90 for it. Anyway, I just submitted mine around 10:50 AM and got an email now (at 11:15 AM) that my background check report is complete and ready to be viewed before it is sent to my school. HUH?! Already??? So why the fuck did I have to pay $90 for something that got processed in less than 30 minutes? I'm just tired of having to fork over a ridiculous amount of cash throughout this whole application process. SO FUCKING DUMB.

I mean, at least I didn't have to pay the full $150 that can be charged for the report. BUT STILL. RAGE. I work part-time and because of our office flood, I've only worked 3 days over the past 2 weeks. So every bit of money I can hold on to helps.