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UMAD? Nuts over nuts edition

So about a month ago this drunk customer gets pissed that I charged her four dollars for a cup of nuts. I told her the price was $2 per scoop; she asks for one scoop than another. I guess she didn't hear me say the price because when she found out I put four dollars on her tab she flipped out, then got even more upset when I told her I couldn't take the nuts back because she had already eaten some. She tells me she doesn't like me, then continues to rant about it to her friends at the bar for at least a half an hour while I flash her my best customer-service troll face.

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Flash forward to a month later. I decide to check yelp on my phone and find out she's written a 5 paragraph essay on how I scammed her out of two dollars. She gave us 1 star and said she'll never come back.

I love my customers sometimes, I really do!

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