Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

I can't afford to eat out. My office eats out frequently and such outings are considered mandatory. This is the preface. I explained once to my boss privately that I really can't afford to keep up and it's embarrassing to me to sit there with a plate of crackers and watch everyone eat. That got me nowhere, but a lecture on how times are tough everywhere. Says the guy at the top. I have $25 between now and December 26. This is partially my own fault because I didn't have to get my loved ones Christmas gifts, but I love them so I did.

So it was supposed to be lunch today at a Mexican place. I can swing that. A taco is what, $2? Okay.


Just got a memo that instead we're going to a super fancy place where I can barely afford to look at the water. And it may just be the menstrual cycle speaking, but I feel like crying.

Sorry to whine, the boss is actually right, times are tough everywhere. I just need a friendly pat on the shoulder and a there there.

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