I was making shepherd's pie for dinner (yummy) and decided to use a splash of wine while making the gravy. And then I decided that I might as well pour myself a glass of wine while I was cooking. Which I finished. So I poured another. Which finished off the bottle. And then I realized that I have not had a single thing to eat all day. Just coffee. And I am now feeling decidedly...... unsteady. So Now I am eating shepherd's pie and watching Waterworld, and OMG this movie makes NO FUCKING SENSE. Am I watching the bad lip-reading version? I swear it used to be bad, but it did make sense. KEVIN COSTNER, STAHP!! You used to be kind of pretty but you are super annoying!! OTOH, chick in this movie, I don't know what the fuck you are taking about, but seem to be hungry too, and you are very pretty, come sit next to me.

Holy crap, am I a lightweight.