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Welcome To The Bitchery
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I had my bi-weekly meeting with my boss and I guess my other boss (it still puzzles me). She starts off by talking about the yearly performance review from January and how everybody is new to her team (half true), but I took on a lot, picked up things quickly, and did a great job, so she put in for me to get more than the standard 3% merit increase (you know, the thing employers give you for showing up for a year and not accidentally burning the place down with a cheesy pita).

Guess how much more I'm getting?!


Yeah, I'm going to be that person and be ungrateful bastard. I'm so glad they were able to dig deep in their pockets to find that extra fraction of a cent to throw my way. Jesus. My boss was smiling—which I found more annoying. Like any normal person would know that after I asked for AN ACTUAL RAISE months ago and then was presented with the standard plus the lint you found in your pocket that this wouldn't exactly be the most thrilling news. I think it's actually having the opposite affect on me—where I want to be like, "Uh, you can keep the extra."


Anyways, I have a second (non-screening) phone interview tonight and then an in-person interview with the same place tomorrow. I'm not getting my hopes up and I'm kind of afraid they are going to find out that I don't have all the experience they are looking for and are going to yell at me. I haven't had an in-person interview in a while...I'm scurred!

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