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Now if only I could send this to my sibling. But if she asks again, it's a no. I'm sorry your 10 year old doesn't get a PS4. I wouldn't spend half a grand on my theoretical significant other and improbable children. Also, the most the games are rated M. I have feeling tis the season of family infighting. Followed by "I'm so poor, but I've totally booked an all inclusive trip to this hot destination."

You wanna know where I go on holiday? I visit my friends and stay on their couch in the city. I haven't renewed my passport because I can't afford to leave the damn country. So let's not play who is more poor, because neither of us is actually poor.

I'm totally getting the Grinch and his hatred of all the gifts and shit, because this happens every year. Get my kids the most expensive item. Maybe if you all go together you can get my kids an iphone. And then the same person is like "Can I stop getting you a birthday present, because it's super expensive."


Okay, so you ask me to spend 200 bucks on your 2 children every year and then another $1oo on you, and you spend maybe $40-80 on me. When I am late with gifts, you always ask me to send them in mail because then the kids would get their money quicker. I try to get them a cool card, and I kinda like to see their reaction, but I guess the money was the more important part. Thank goodness I am an ATM machine.

A certain circumstance has arrived where my mother is considering postponing Christmas and holding it in different month. I am 100% for this. That would be the greatest Christmas present. (Probably it would backfire and this sibling would freak out and demand x2 the presents, but I'll cross that bridge later.)

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