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I had a counseling appointment tonight at 7:15. It's 7:37 and the counselor isn't here. I texted her 10 minutes ago to make sure our appointment was now and she said yes but didn't say anything else, WTF. I asked if she was elsewhere in the building. No answer. I don't know if she's with someone else, but usually appointments are on a rigid schedule. I have to study for an exam, so waiting here for no reason without an explanation is dumb. What should I do? Just leave? This is a big turnoff.

Update: LOLOLOLOLOL you guyyyyys. I called her 30 minutes after our appointment, saying I've been waiting for 30 minutes. And she's like, "Ohhhh! I have you down for tomorrow!" Our text explicitly say Tuesday, not Wednesday. I checked twice. Like are you fucking kidding me? YOU HAVE ONE JOB. I'm a dental student with a packed schedule who commutes 1 hour each way to and from school and had class from 8 to 4:30 today, and I'm more on top of schedules than you are? Ugh. So unprofessional. It's only my 4th session with her, so I have no problem not seeing her anymore and switching. I know this particular Life Counseling center has good counselors because my sister saw one for a year that she liked a lot. I'm just pissed because this isn't a one-time sort of thing, I would say. On our second visit, she called me the week we had it scheduled for and said that she knew I was coming this week but didn't have me down in her books. I had the date and time down. Like are you serious? GRRRR. I'm so pissed. Did I mention this place is a 25-30 minute drive away? LOL a my LIFE.


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