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Unarmed Security Guard shot in leg helping to stop Ottawa Shooter

The day after the Ottawa shooting a lot of ink has been spilt over the bravery of The Sergeant-at-Arms, Kevin Vickers, who is credited with killing the Ottawa shooter. Not to deny Kevin Vickers his laurels, but I think Constable Samearn Son deserves equal billing.

Constable Son was the unarmed Security Guard at the front door of the Parliament Buildings yesterday. When the gunman entered the building, Const. Son grabbed ahold of the shooter's hunting rifle, pointed the barrel towards the floor and started shouting "Gun! Gun!".

The gun went off, wounding Const. Son in the leg, but in the process alerted the Sergeant-at-Arms and the RCMP officers inside the Hall of Honour to the gunman's presence.


Without Const. Son's quick thinking, yesterday's tragedy could have been much worse.


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